Farrrell Documentation

Install Farrell Theme

System Requirements

Recomended WordPress Server Environment

For best experience your hosting provider should support following server software databases and or webserver modules. Anything less than this might cause slow WordPress installation response and can open your website to vulnerabilities.

Software Recommended Min Requirement More info
PHP 7.2+ 5.2.4 Php
Recommended databases
MySQL 5.6+ 5.0.15+ Mysql
MariaDB 10.0+ 10.0+ MariaDB
Recommended webservers and modules
Apache 2.x + 2.x Apache
Nginx 1.1 1.0 Nginx
The mod_rewrite Apache module
HTTPS support

Development Requirements

For faster development we recommend following server bundles that can be installed on your computer. From the list below select your operating system than download and install preferred server bundle.

MAC OS Windows Linux
XAMPP for Mac OS X WampServer XAMPP for Linux
Zend Server Community Edition Zend Server Community Edition Zend Server Community Edition

Theme PHP Requirements

These are recommended PHP requirements that need to be adjusted before installing the theme. If the requirements are not met some theme features and demo installs will not function properly.

PHP Recommended
PHP Version Minimum 5.6 - Perfect setup 7.x
memory_limit 128M
post_max_size 32M
max_execution_time 300
max_input_vars 4000
upload_max_filesize 32M

Backup and Restor

This you can create content backup. Just click on the button (Create Content Backup Now)

In case of loss of data on the site, you can restore them by backup. Specify the desired backup and press Restore Backup.

General Settings

In general setting
  • Can load favicon
  • off/on - button scroll top
  • off/on - preloader
  • change body padding

Header Settings

  • Logo for Statick Header
  • Logo For Sticky Header
  • You Can off/onn Search, Cart, Sidebar in Header
  • You can off/on cart in Sticky Header


In Header settings You can create toolbar. Switch on button toolbar, and you can create own box just click to add box or change current boxes.

Footer Settings

Footer created by widgets.
Can change footer in widgets menu .

Bottom Line

Bottom line you can change in general theme settings, menu footer settings.


You can change name breadcrumb for
Portfolio Single page, Team Single Page and Service Single Page

General Plugin Breadcrumb Settings

This Main settings for All site

Team Settings

You can off form button for Member Page, or change form.

404 Page Settings

All Settings for 404 page

Color Settings

You can change some colors setting alone without use code. Just click on button default and change settings. And after finish do not forget click to save button in bottom of page.

Typography Settings

You can change some typography setting alone without use code. Just click on button default and change settings. And after finish do not forget click to save button in bottom of page.

Mailchimp Settings

The theme is integrated with Mailchimp. You just need to provide Mailchimp API key and List ID.

Create page in Elementro Page Builder

Parallax Backgorund in Elementro Page Builder

Required and Recommended Plugins

You should expect to see this notice after the theme is activated.

For advanced users


You can add own code for this site
For metrics or other...

Custom Css

Custom css/js files

Custom css file for you custom styles assets/css/style.css. Please write your custom styles here.

Custom js file assets/js/custom.js. Please write your custom js here.

Template hooks

Template hooks includes inc/hooks.php, some helpres functions are in inc/helpers.php


Woocommerce filters are here inc/includes/woocommerce/hooks.php

Update Theme Farrell

You can update your theme by performing the following steps:

  1. Download the latest theme.zip file from ThemeForest
  2. Extract it and locate farrell.zip
  3. Extract farrell.zip and locate  farrell folder
  4. Copy/Replace the contents of  farrell folder to the /wp-content/themes/farrell folder of your web site.